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General Downloads

  • 2BU Newsletter 2016.pdf

    Download the latest 2BU newsletter. Find out more about 2BU and the difference 2BU makes to young people. Also why 2BU was invited to 10 Downing Street by the Prime Minister.

  • 2BU Newsletter (3).pdf

    A newsletter giving highlight of 2BU and what we do

  • Score love.jpg

    A 2BU poster. Score love with whoever - In the game of love it's ok 2BU

  • Not all.jpg

    A 2BU Poster. Don't jump to conclusions - Not all young people will grow up to be heterosexual

  • Lets tackle.jpg

    A 2BU poster. Lets tackle homophobia - 92% of parents polled said homophobia should be tackled

  • Fight .jpg

    A 2BU poster. Fight for equality - Real mates stand up for each other regardless of race, gender or sexuality

  • howdoitellmyparents2012pdf.pdf

    This booklet is produced by Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG) and provides helpful information about 'coming out' to parents.

  • so_you_think_your_child_is_gay.pdf

    Stonewall have produced a 12 page document which answers to questions parents may have

  • Coming_out_guide_-_LGB.pdf

    This is a guide written by LGB youth in Scotland and offers helpful information for young people thinking about 'Coming Out'

  • Government_Response_to_the_Women_and_Equalities_Committee_Report_on_Transgender_Equality.pdf

    Government Response to the Women and Equalities Committee Report on Transgender

  • school_report_2012.pdf

    Stonewall Schools report 2012. This is the latest study conducted for Stonewall by the Family Research at the University of Cambridge. It gives the experiences of gay young people in Britain?s schools in 2012

  • outinschool.pdf

    This resource pack has been written for teachers by teachers and offers lesson plans and ideas for key Stage 4 pupils to gain a better understanding of diversity and sexuality.

  • aguideforfamilyandfriends2012pdf.pdf

    FFLAG is a national voluntary organisation and registered charity. Who are dedicated to supporting parents and their lesbian, gay and bisexual daughters and sons. They have produced this really useful guide

  • Booklet_for_parents_and_family_members1108.pdf

    A guide to parents and family members of trans people in the UK. Produced by Gendered Intelligence. This booklet hopes to offer some basic information that they feel is important for those coming across trans for the first time or for those who have...

  • transgender-support-leaflet.pdf

    This leaflet has been produced to help trans people, their families and support staff

  • 4653AA766E3F4C1286FC515F17146F32.pdf

    THT have produce a useful docuement for trans women around Sexual Health, HIV and wellbeing

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