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Lee's Story

My name is Lee and I've just recently joined 2BU. So I'm still relatively new to the group and haven't made the most of it yet. Already it's made me more confident and happier being gay and meeting new people. I've not long come 'out...

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Sarah's story

The name is Sarah, me and my misses joined 2bu to socialise with more LGBT people around Somerset. I knew several LGBT before I joined the group but they all lived in Weston/Manchester so I don’t get to socialize with them very often. I had come out to every one month before I joined the group so my only reason to go there was to socialise.

How was I treated when I came ‘out...

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Shane's story

Being gay in Somerset can be hard and you do need to put a front up. I am an openly gay person but going out on the town can be daunting not knowing whether there are going to be homophobic people out there. I have been in some incidents where people...

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Emily's Story

Heya! I'm Emily, or Radzy, whichever is easier to say, and I recently joined 2BU and it was the best decision I probably have ever made.
Needless to say, it's hard coming out. Perhaps more to yourself but at least then it's only you that knows, it's when other people start to find out that it begins to get messy.
When I first had ideas that I liked both sexes, I was still in a very...

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Alex's Story

Hello, my name is Alex, and I only recently join 2BU. When I was fifteen I first really started to think about my sexuality, as for me trying to just get through school was the only thing on my mind. Sexual education never really covered ...

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Matt's Story

My life started out well, I had loads of friends, a good school got on with my family and stuff. I started out in a nursery then primary school as normal which I remember as the best years of my life. Then I got moved to a private school when I was in year 2 which started off well, I moved up through the school doing well in class and not getting in too much trouble.

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Cara's Story

Hi, I'm Cara and I guess this is my story. I started noticing I was different in secondary school, I'd always been a tomboy but the primary school I went to was really open and accepting so I never really faced anything negative, I just hung out...

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George's Story

I found out about 2BU though my friend James who is also a member. Before I joined I only knew him and a few other gay people, and I didn’t even know any a few years before that, being when it first started to sink in that I was gay. It was probably around the age of 12 going on 13 when I was becoming a teenager that all this came to me. The fact I didn’t know anyone who was...

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Freddie's Story

Hi peeps, my name is Freddie/Fredster/Fred-dog/Frizzle to the nizzle …. Yeah. I joined 2BU in September 2010 in my final year at college, and it is one of the best things I have ever done. The list of benefits is endless - you meet... 

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