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April 2024

From our trustees!

Hi, I’m Jem. I’m a trustee for 2BU Somerset and I also volunteer with the youth support group. I was first introduced to 2BU through my job as a Wildlife Officer on the Quantock Hills. I had just moved to Somerset from University in Plymouth to take this job and not many people knew about my queer identity. I really wanted to work with 2BU and be a part of the amazing work they are doing for young people in Somerset. Being able to share my passion for wildlife with the young people of 2BU has been a highlight of my career and bringing them into my world really gave me the confidence to carve out space for myself.

After working with 2BU out on the Quantocks, Lisa invited me to volunteer with the Taunton group. Getting to know the young people has been an incredible privilege. I like to think that I can act as a role model for young people, but to be honest, they inspire me to be better. Working alongside the youth workers and other volunteers has really helped me feel part of a super safe queer community. I have made some amazing friends in the 2BU staff team and I am constantly in awe of the brilliant hard work they all contribute to. 

I wanted to be more involved with 2BU and I felt I had some useful skills to offer. Lisa once again invited me in and I became a trustee. Being a trustee is a really rewarding way to engage with my community. Helping to steer and champion 2BU has helped me feel more empowered to make positive changes in all areas of my life. You get out what you put into a role like a trusteeship. There are so many ways to support LGBTQ+ young people, and being a volunteer or trustee is a great start.


Hey, I’m Sol, and I proudly serve as a Trustee for 2BU Somerset. Several years ago, my closest friend and I would meet over coffee, and I had the privilege of witnessing his discovery of purpose and passion within 2BU. The unwavering respect, genuine value, and support extended not only to the young individuals but also to the entire team spoke volumes. As time passed, my friend approached me about an available position, recognizing that my skill set could contribute significantly. At that point, I had recently transitioned from being a Mindline Call Handler and had started taking shifts at TransLine. My continual commitment to serve the community fueled my desire to make a difference.

My journey began in my late teens where I worked within the health and social care sector. I acquired valuable skills and knowledge which eventually led to several promotions into Management. However, my work-life balance was severely skewed, prompting me to seek a career further education studying my BSc in Psychology with counselling. Unfortunately, during my honours year, I fell seriously ill and never fully recovered. Despite the challenges, I found solace in the journey. It’s a paradox—both SAD and NOT-SAD. Discovering a life with purpose, especially when you have so much goodness to share with the world, was transformative. 

The values I once held dear had shifted, and that’s when 2BU stepped in offering a beacon of hope. It has encouraged, empowered, and allowed me to recognize value in its myriad shades. In the safe space within 2BU’s walls, I’ve witnessed young people openly sharing their vulnerabilities—the kind of openness that doesn’t always come easily beyond our LGBTQIA+ community. Being part of this project, where hearts and minds take precedence, fills me with humble gratitude.

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