2024-02-19 By The 2BU Team

February 2024

LGBT History Month

The theme for LGBT History month 2024 is Medicine - #underthescope

You can find amazing resources via https://lgbtplushistorymonth.co.uk/lgbt-history-month-2024/ claiming our past, celebrating our present and creating our future. At 2BU we have a busy month too. We popped up in Chard library, visited SWISH (always interesting to view sti's #underthescope), 2BU on Tour visited a number of youth centre's across Somerset and in our own groups we talked HIV myths, learnt British Sign Language and acknowledged Children's Mental Health week using the theme 'Express Yourself' taking lots of photos to validate our identity. That's just a few of our activities so far! 

We also made 'Time to Talk'.  Adopting the theme for LGBT History Month, young people have some ideas for more inclusive healthcare. They said:

  • Don't ask me so many questions, just be more accepting and LISTEN
  • Do your own research into identities to understand me better
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusivity training should be available for everyone
  • Show us you are a 'Safe Person' by wearing a pronoun badge or Pride lanyard 
  • Make your spaces welcoming using LGBTQ+ representation in posters or leaflets etc
  • By using gender neutral language and asing my pronouns. Maybe even sharing yours!
  • Understanding my needs as an LGBTQ+ person


Thanks for sharing folks and Happy LGBT History Month!

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