2023-10-30 By The 2BU Team

November 2023

In November, we celebrate Trans Awareness Week from the 13th to the 19th. On the 20th, we observe Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR). These dates are significant because they raise awareness and visibility for trans individuals within our community. It is an opportunity for people to share their stories and for allies to show solidarity. We also take this time to remember trans people who have lost their lives on their journey. We honor those who came before us and paved the way for us to be able to live freely and have a voice.

From the backstreet Ballrooms in the Bronx in the 80’s to the big screens of Netflix in the 2020’s and beyond, with shows like Heartstopper and Pose, accurate Trans representation is incredibly important and improving. Notable figures like Lavern Cox and Elliot Page have helped increase visibility. These brave voices have chosen to be out and proud and advocate for the rest of us. Being Trans is beautiful and should be celebrated!

As a youth outreach worker, I know how important it is that the young people I meet feel seen and heard, for a trans young person growing up, it can be extremely difficult and tough to navigate their journey and having validating and rewarding conversations over a game of UNO (or dobble!) and a safe space to go to, to ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking someone else, can have a positive impact on their confidence, their self-worth and their belief that they matter. I learn a lot on a daily basis from the young people I work with, whether it's learning a new card game, or being witness to them reflecting on their own growth and happiness in a 1:1 session. I see resilience, kindness and an abundance of love and support they show for each other, be it in our own support groups or the pride groups that the schools and colleges run across the county, they are a constant reminder of why the work we do is vital and why dates like Trans Awareness week and TDoR, are as equally as important because we are valid, we are loved and we do live happy healthy lives, if we are given the space to express who we are.


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