2023-09-06 By The 2BU Team

Sept 2023

2BU makes a splash!

One year ago, in the Summer of 2022, colleagues from the Yeovil Diversity Project, contacted 2BU with an idea for organising an LGBTQ+ Swimming session. With the support from Goldenstones Leisure centre in Yeovil, who provided the pool and lifeguards free of charge, 16 YP from 2BU took to the pool for the inaugural 2BU swimming session.

For some LGBTQ+ young people it was their first-time in a pool and swimming since coming out. For others it was about overcoming fears related to body image, dysphoria as well as water confidence. Either way it was a huge success and we realised how important further sessions would be. 

Move forward one year and 2BU Somerset and Yeovil Diversity Project, with funding from Somerset Activity & Sports Partnership are continuing to run these pool sessions in Yeovil every two months. We are delighted that LGBTQ+ young people (supported by 2BU) attend from all over the county, over 50 young people have registered to swim with us so far. Since we started our sessions last year, young people tell us they are beginning to feel confident and go swimming with friends, one young person signed up for a lifeguard course and they all tell other 2BU young people to get involved. 

We think it also provides a great opportunity for 2BU young people to come together, take part in activities and share experiences growing up LGBTQ+ in Somerset. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project!


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