2BU's History

Hi my name is Andrew and it is a joy to share with you how 2BU came about. 

I remember hearing and being moved by the quote of Mayo Angelou who said 'Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel'. How true that has proved to be. So here's how it all began. 


In 2002 two gay lads (Dan and Kevin) were part of a youth project I was running in Wells. As I got to know them I heard first hand of the daily torments, bullying and lack of support they faced for being gay, both in local Somerset schools and other places they hung out. 

What they valued through the youth provision was, a place where they could feel safe, listened to, cared for and where it was ok to be themselves, something the majority take for granted. As time passed Kevin was instrumetal with the inception of what was to become 2BU. He rightly suggested there must be hundreds of young people like Dan and himself in Somerset who could benefit from being able to come together, where the foundation of support was based on helping each LGBTQ+ young person develop a healthy self acceptance and provide support, advocacy and education that was relevant to them. 

Two decades later 2BU has built its reputation of proving 'it's okay 2BU' amongst LGBTQ+ young people. When we ask young people how does being part of 2BU make you 'feel'? We hear words like, safe, family, valued, loved, confident to name but a few. We have witnessed so many young people's lives transformed from feeling isolated and fearful to becoming young people living confident, happy and fulfilled lives. 

Over the years we have been able to work even more collaboratively with a range of professionals and parents across the county and continue to develop our services based on the needs of the young people. In recent years there has been some fantastic improvements in terms of LGBTQ+ right and a much greater understanding and acceptance in our country. However, Somerset sometimes is a bit behind the times, so if your a young person or know one who is struggling why not come and join us click here to get in touch

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