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We asked young people - What does 2BU mean to you?


"2BU is somewhere I can be myself, a place where no one will judge me, a place that treats you like a human, gay or transgender"

"Making friends, meeting friends, enjoying yourself and learning lessons. Getting support, giving support, growing up. Accepting yourself and accepting your sexuality and knowing yourself"

"My big gay family of support, increased my confidence in myself, a place where I feel at home, especially when no-one else understands.

"2BU has helped me in three ways, it enabled me to express myself, become confident and be true to who I am. Which makes 2BU totally EPIC!"

"An environment where everyone is individual but brought together. Somewhere I can make good friends and get support"

"It has helped me understand who I am, to understand I'm not alone fighting the world on my own. I have friends here that are like me"

"2BU helped me be me instead of hiding it. It also taught me not to be ashamed of who I am and what I wanna be"


Here are some of our stories...



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