Sarah's Story

The name is Sarah, me and my misses joined 2bu to socialise with more LGBT people around Somerset. I knew several LGBT before I joined the group but they all lived in Weston/Manchester so I don’t get to socialize with them very often. I had come out to every one month before I joined the group so my only reason to go there was to socialise.
How was I treated when I came ‘out’ to the world? Well I came out that I was bisexual about 4 years ago but I was trying to hide the fact that I was gay to myself and others. I use to sleep around wishing it was just a phase even though I knew that I was gay deep down since I was very young. When I came out that I was bisexual I was not treated in any other way but it got drummed in to me as a kid that being gay was wrong and sick but about a year and half ago I came out to my friends that I was in fact gay and not bisexual and if I was to say I was treated differently I would have to say I got treated with more respect, so then after about half a year I decided to come out to my family that I was gay. I was very worried when I did as they always gave me the idea that they were homophobic but coming out to them was the best thing I could have done they treat me better than they have before and all that was said was that there happy as long as I am happy.
Now everyone knows I am gay and my life is a lot better for it. I’m happily engaged and nobody out of my family has a problem with it. I wish I knew about 2bu years ago whilst I was in school I think it would have made my life much easier and I would have realised that being gay is fine a lot sooner than I did. I would recommend any one thinking about going to give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen??

Sarah's Story

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