A message from a parent:


"Your child coming out can be stressful for a whole variety of reasons, but once we walked into 2BU, both our young person, and ourselves as parents, felt a part of this beautiful community. The kindness, support and compassion heaped onto us as a family, was like nothing I've experienced before. 

We have befriended parents navigating the same journey, and our child gets to be himself in an environment with other LGBTQIA+ young people, feeling a part of something, when he is used to so often feeling different from his peers. This, combined with the extensive advice, information and support given by the 2BU team, has been invaluable to our family". 


"I've got something to tell you..."


Your child may have just come out to you as LGBTQ+, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. You might have been wondering about their sexuality for a while, or this might have come as a bolt out of the blue. Perhaps they have yet to ‘come out’ but you want to offer your support.

Whatever the reasons are that have bought you to this page, you are probably looking for information, support or understanding - and possibly all three.

We would like to share a few resources we have found useful and hope you do too.

If you are finding it difficult to adjust to the idea that your child identifies as LGBTQ+, FFLAG can support you. You will find ‘A Guide for Family and Friends’ helpful - particularly realising that some of your feelings and reactions are similar to those of other parents. Free2be have some useful resources too

However, we know that each family situation is different so please get in touch with us if you want to talk through what is going on for you. 


Would you like to join the youth support group?

There is a range of groups and support options to consider, we look forward to hearing from you!

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