The ABC's of LGBTQ+

We recognise that there is a diverse vocabulary of terms relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

There are lots of different LGBTQ+ alphabets out there on the internet.  Young people attending 2BU have created their own dictionary sharing their definitions of common LGBTQ+ terminology click here to view it. 

Language is very powerful and is key to supporting LGBTQ+ people and although these definitions are accurate, different people can and will use labels to mean different things and so we always encourage people to not make assumptions and to ask what the label means to the person using it. How people choose to identify themselves varies between individuals and for many, their chosen ‘label’ holds great importance. The important thing to remember when supporting a person who is LGBTQ+ is to understand what their identity means to them as an individual, irrespective of any definition you read here. 

Here are a few other links to LGBTQ+ glossary of terms

  • We like Brook's The LGBT ABC click here to view it 
  • The Proud Trust also have a glossary on their website click here to have a look 

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