Matt's Story

My life started out well, I had loads of friends, a good school got on with my family and stuff. I started out in a nursery then primary school as normal, which I remember as the best years of my life.

Then I got moved to a private school when I was in year 2 which started off well, I moved up through the school doing well in class and not getting in too much trouble. As I got older (like yr 6) I started doing less well in school and dropped a set and started doing extreme sports, which is my main love in life at the moment. Then as my friends were getting ‘girlfriends’ and stuff I realised I didn’t fancy any girls and because I was in a secluded private school I didn’t know much about being gay or what it was or anything (well that’s my excuse, probably just stupid) so I was a tiny bit confused.

Then in year 8 a strangely cute (in my opinion anyway) guy came to the school and I got a really annoying crush on him and I sort-of realised I fancied boys. This really is where my life went downhill because I was trying hard to cover up being gay and I ended up not really being myself and I didn’t really make good friends in my next school (also private) because I was always being really defensive and just being an idiot and shy. After 2 terms at that school I had to leave partly because my parents could only afford for my brother and sister to go to private school and partly because my head was so mucked-up and I went to a nearby state school (this is the end of yr 9) which I lasted only a few weeks before hating it and then I became more mucked up and ill with constant severe headaches, nausea etc... which I was out of school for about a year with, the doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with me (I got checked for brain tumours an everything) I got referred to psychiatrists and they tried to put me in a sort-of children’s mental hospital for 'keeping an eye on' but I refused, they even tried dragging me out of the car. In the end I got referred to a small medical tuition school for kids who can’t attend school full time for whatever reason (like pregnancy), which is great. It had really cool people who are good friends. Anyways the doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with me but I think I’ve worked it out because I became ill about the same time as I fully realised I was gay which put a lot of stress on me and I took it hard, then I came a bit better when I started accepting it. So I’ve finished my GCSE’s after missing a year of school and hope I did well.

Early I found a site called queer youth which helped me hugely with coming to terms with my sexuality and I’ve made loads of friends on there as well. I am now also a regional rep/volunteer on the site which is good fun. I found out about 2BU through the QYN (Queer Youth Network, the site above) and I am glad I did. When I first joined 2BU I was really shy but everyone was so welcoming and nice, I am still a little shy compared to my usual self but I will soon have that fixed. Through 2BU I hope to make friends and have fun! As a result of it I am already a young leader on the South West THT Board. Oh and I help lead a scout group and teach kayaking and whatever else comes my way. I am going to college to do outdoor leisure in September which I am looking forward to as well.
Yeah so I love you 2BU! Thanks for such great fun! And usefulness! And if you’re thinking of coming, I seriously recommend it to anyone. :)

Matt's Story

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