Training your team

Thank you for your interest in our LGBTQ+ training for your team. 2BU Somerset is a charity working with LGBTQ+ young people aged 11-25 and as such, provides training in best practice to support this cohort within your workplace, based on our youth work experience and current evidence-based research.


Some of the issues we can cover in training include:

  • Advice on appropriate and supportive LGBTQ+ language
  • How to support someone Coming Out
  • Inclusion for trans and non-binary folx in different settings
  • Mental Health statistics regarding LGBTQ+ young people, locally and nationally
  • Ways to ensure your workplace is inclusive for LGBTQ+ young people
  • Challenging and monitoring bullying behaviours
  • An introduction to intersectionality and privilege
  • Relevant resources to support yourself and the young people you work with
  • More information about our services at 2BU Somerset

We are a small charity and charge for training to be able to deliver the best offer we can for our young people. In order to be able to offer bespoke training for your team, it works best for us to have a conversation about which areas above you would like us to focus on to meet the needs of your staff team currently. We look forward to hearing from you - Contact Us








Would you like to join the youth support group?

There is a range of groups and support options to consider, we look forward to hearing from you!

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