Cara's story

Hi, I'm Cara and I guess this is my story. I started noticing I was different in secondary school, I'd always been a tomboy but the primary school I went to was really open and accepting so I never really faced anything negative, I just hung out with boys a lot.
Virtually as soon as I entered secondary school it was like a different world, everyone noticed I was different and had no problem with letting me know it. I was bullied solidly for 4 years until I finally had enough and tried to use alcohol and drugs as a comfort zone, I knew I was gay but didn't know how to handle it, I thought the whole world was like the bullies at my school. 
It was around this time I met my first girlfriend and came out as bisexual to close friends, even though I knew I was gay it was easier cause I felt people would be more comfortable around me. 
I felt more like myself but I was still hiding, I kept dating boys to keep my friends and parents happy. I thought things would be fine that way.
I was attacked because of my sexuality, it really affected me and I tried to suppress who I was.
I've only recently come out to the majority of my friends, and it was the scariest but best thing I've ever done. 90% of people were really supportive, and those who weren't I've learnt to deal with. 
2bu was a great support system for me during this; I've met a lot of great people through it and have made some awesome friends. I couldn’t imagine coming out without their support.
I guess if I had one piece of advice for someone in a similar situation its this:

"Be yourself, the people who matter won't mind, and the people who mind don't matter"

Cara's story

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