Jonathon's story

“I was a shy, depressed, quiet and insecure guy who was questioning his sexuality and pretty much in denial of the whole ‘gay thing’. I didn’t look gay and certainly wasn’t camp like some of the TV celebrities. I cried most days, felt depressed. I wasn’t functioning very well and feeling physically sick most days. I couldn’t tell anyone how I felt, as I feared what his or her reaction would be”.

“One Thursday night I had downloaded an App on my phone that let you chat to other gay guys. I got chatting to a guy on there who went to a group called 2BU. We spoke on there for ages and he sent me the 2BU website link. I read through every page on that site several times over. I’m not sure how I plucked up the courage but I sent them an email asking to find out about things. It was the most important decision I have made in my life. I say that because if I hadn’t, I honestly don’t know where I would be today”.

“I met one of the leaders and it was such a great relief knowing they cared. I think I probably blabbered on for ages”. “After this meeting, I got into the log in area of the website and made a profile and chatted to others at the group which made going to the group a lot less scary. Going to the group I soon discovered others just like me and realised I wasn’t the only one going through this”.

Over the months of being there I learnt so much but at the same time had so much fun and laughter became part of my life again. If I’m honest my life has been transformed. I’m happy my confidence has been restored and realise it’s okay to be gay”.

Jonathon's story

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