Kye's story

Hi, my name’s Kye and I’m an 18-year-old, asexual, trans-guy. I first realised I was transgender around five years ago, I took me nearly three years to tell anyone that I was trans, I told a few of my closest friends and they started to switch from using my birth name to calling me Kye and using he/him pronouns rather than she/her. It took me another six months or so to tell my family that I was trans. That was a lot harder and eventually led to me moving out of my dad’s home in Dorset and moving back in with my mother in Taunton. After moving back into Somerset I was out of college and didn’t really know anyone else my age in the local area, I was quite isolated. I began to search for a group I could join to meet some people before I started college again. I found 2bu and sent Lisa an email, after meeting with her I attended my first group and found that 2bu was such a supportive environment. I have met so many great people through the group and had so many great experiences. 2bu has given me the chance to go out and help provide training for professionals supporting young people and it has given me more confidence in myself and my identity. 2bu is an environment where you can be yourself around other people who have similar experiences, without fear of being judged or facing discrimination.

Kye's story

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