Lee's story

My name is Lee and I'm still relatively new to the group and haven't made the most of it yet. Already it's made me more confident and happier being gay and meeting new people. I've not long come 'out' to my mum which was something I really felt I wanted and had to do, but didn't have any positiveness or confidence in being gay before going to the youth group.
2BU has also allowed me to mix with people who are gay and not feel so channeled into having to be straight and into girls and football etc. I am doing a college course where it is mainly male orientated with guys who have very straight views, so it's quite hard. I am not 'out' at college and some of the group can be quite negative towards gay people, so it's nice to be able to spend time with people who are more like me. For me, I got quite lonely and depressed at times and knew that I had to do something, but it took me ages before I actually got up the courage to contact 2BU and then go along.
What would I say to someone thinking of joining? Join, see what it's like, give it a chance and if it's really not for you then that's okay, but at least you have had the experience and hopefully you will have gained something out of it. For me, my only regret is I wish that I had found the support and the group sooner.

Lee's story

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